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Security Section Parameters in the Configuration File

The security parameters specify default values for the Siebel Analytics Server security features. For more information about security, see the chapter on security in Siebel Analytics Server Administration Guide.


Specifies the values users and groups are assigned when they are initially created.

Valid values are NONE and READ. The default value is READ.



The default value for PROJECT_INACCESSIBLE_COLUMN_AS_NULL changes based on the type of install. If you are running the Siebel Analytics platform only, the value is NO.

The flag PROJECT_INACCESSIBLE_COLUMN_AS_NULL must be set to TRUE to enable the SQL command CHOOSE.

The SQL command

CHOOSE(expr1, expr2, .... exprn)

selects the first valid expression from a list of expressions. A valid expression here is an expression in which all referenced columns are accessible by the current query user.


A security measure used to enforce strong passwords. The minimum length is enforced when a user logs in. For example, if MINIMUM_PASSWORD_LENGTH is set to 6, then any user's password is rejected unless it has at least 6 characters.

The default value is zero.



Specifies the type of authentication the Siebel Analytics Server uses to authenticate the Siebel Analytics Server users.

Valid values are NQS, DATABASE, and BYPASS_NQS. The default authentication mechanism is NQS.

The consequences of each authentication type is shown in Table 41.

Table 41. Siebel Analytics Server Authentication Types


Authentication is done by the Siebel Analytics Server.

NOTE:  For Siebel Analytics applications, the Siebel Analytics Server in turn can be set up to authenticate using Microsoft ADSI, an LDAP server, or a database. See the topic Setting Up LDAP Authentication in Analytics.


Specify the database name in the Physical Layer of the repository to be used for database authentication. The first connection pool for this database is used for authentication.

When the user logs into the Siebel Analytics Server, the submitted logon name and password is used to connect to the database. If this connection succeeds, the user is considered to be successfully authenticated.


Authentication is against the database to which user queries are sent, using the submitted user name and password.

For example, if a user runs a query tool against the Siebel Analytics Server with the user name of "Test" and a password of "Test," this user name and password are used to connect to the underlying database server. If this represents a valid user to the underlying database server, the user is considered authenticated. The user's privileges are enforced by the underlying database server based upon the user name used to log in, as appropriate.


Example 2: DATABASE = "Goldmine" ;

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