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Configuring Your Siebel Delivers Devices and Delivery Profiles

You configure your delivery devices and your delivery profiles through the My Account link. This link is available on the main page in Siebel Answers, Siebel Delivers, and Siebel Intelligence Dashboards.

Your devices and delivery profiles control how Siebel Delivers will reach you when an alert is triggered by an iBot. After you add one or more devices, you can create delivery profiles, and specify which delivery profile should be your active profile for receiving alerts.

CAUTION:  If your Delivery Options area already contains devices and profiles, do not make any changes to the Delivery Options area without first consulting your Siebel Analytics administrator. (Any changes you make will override the delivery device and profile information that was configured for you.)

To configure a delivery option for Siebel Delivers

  1. Navigate to Siebel Analytics.
  2. Click the My Account link.

    The My Account page appears.

  3. To add a device, perform the following steps:
    1. Click the Add Device link.

      The Device page appears.

    2. In the Category area, click the device you want to add.

      This populates the Device Name field and the choices available in the Device / Provider list.

    3. Select the appropriate option for the device from the Device / Provider drop-down list.
    4. Enter the address for the device in the Address field.

      For example, this would be an email address for email, or a telephone number for a digital phone.

      NOTE:  When typing a phone number for a device, do not use punctuation such as spaces, dashes, or parentheses.

    5. Click Finished to return to the My Account page.

      The device appears in the My Devices list.

    6. To change information for the device, click the Edit link to go back to the Device page.
    7. If you decide you do not want the device, click the Delete link.

      This removes the device from the My Devices area.

    8. To add another device, repeat the preceding steps.
  4. To add a delivery profile, perform the following steps:
    1. Click the Add Delivery Profile link.

      The Delivery Profile page appears.

      For more information about your choices at the Delivery Profile page and how delivery profiles work, see Using Siebel Delivers Delivery Profiles.

    2. To change the profile, click the Edit link to go back to the Delivery Profile page.
    3. If you decide you do not want the profile, click the Delete link.

      This removes the profile from the My Profiles area.

    4. To add another profile, repeat the preceding steps.
  5. To make a Delivery profile the active profile, click the Select link next to the profile.

    A check mark is placed next to the profile to indicate that it is the active delivery profile.

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