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About Guided Navigation in Siebel Analytics

Guided navigation can aid users' insight into business issues and appropriate actions to take by guiding their exploration of results obtained from Siebel Answers. When based on common scenarios and best practices for your industry or organization, guided navigation allows users to see and analyze related issues by navigating to a related set of results, another dashboard, or a URL. Guided navigation is specified using the Dashboard Editor.

There are three types of guided navigation:

  • Guided navigation using static links. When specified for a request, the results on the dashboard always include a link to another request, a dashboard, or URL. For example, a report that shows customer satisfaction gap trends can always appear with a link to a report that shows customer satisfaction by product line.
  • Guided navigation using conditional links. When specified for a request, a link to another request, dashboard, or URL appears only if the results meet certain criteria. For example, if the number of open critical service requests exceeds a certain threshold, the result set can include a link to a report that shows customer satisfaction by employee.
  • Guided navigation using conditional sections. Entire dashboard sections can appear based upon the results returned by Siebel Answers for a particular request. For example, if the results show that sales are down by 15 percent or greater in the past week, a dashboard section that contains links to related reports and tools can appear.

The display of static links does not generally affect dashboard rendering time. The display of numerous conditional links or sections can affect dashboard rendering time.

For information about the Dashboard Editor, see Adding Content to a Siebel Intelligence Dashboard.

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