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Allowing Users to Select a Specific View Using View Selector View

Use the View Selector view to select a specific view of the results from among the saved views. When placed on a dashboard, the view selector appears as a drop-down list from which users can choose the specific result view they want to see.

In general, views included in the view sector view would not also be displayed as views in the compound layout view.

To add or modify a Siebel Analytics View Selector view

  1. In Siebel Answers, create or modify the request with which you want to work, and then perform one of the following actions:
    • To add a new view selector view, click the Results tab and choose Other Views > View Selector from the views drop-down list.
    • To edit an existing view selector view, click the Results tab, choose Compound Layout from the views drop-down list, and then click the Edit View button for the view selector view.

      The workspace shows the view selectors view.

  2. (Optional) Type a caption for the view selector and indicate where the caption should appear relative to the view selector.
  3. Make your selections for view choices to include in the view selector.

    NOTE:  The None view shows the selector only.

  4. When you are done, you can save the request with the view selector view.
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