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Changing Alternating Bar Color

Both pivot tables and normal tables can have colored bars on alternating lines. The default color for these alternating bars is green. For Pivot tables, the Edit Format window has many advanced formatting controls, including one for the alternating bar color. If you need to change the default color in tables, you can make an edit in a style configuration file.

To change the color, edit the views.css file in the b_mozilla_4 folder. Locate this text:

TABLE.ResultsTable TD.ECell
background-color: #DDF2DD;

Change the six-digit hexadecimal color value to a new color value.

The control for turning on the alternating text is in the Edit View window. It has a check box labelled: Enable alternating row "Green bar" styling. If you have changed the color of the bars, you may also want to change the label to indicate the color you are now using.

To change the label text, open the tableviewmessages.xml file and find this entry:

WebMessageName = "kmsgTableViewEnableGreenbarReporting"

Copy the entry and the text line below it to a custom messages file in the custom messages folder, and change the text line appropriately. For example:

WebMessageName = "kmsgTableViewEnableGreenbarReporting"
<TEXT>Enable alternating row "RED bar" styling</TEXT>"

For more information on custom messages, read Customizing the Siebel Analytics Web User Interface Using XML Message Files.

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