AquaLogic Interaction Upgrade Guide for 6.1 to 6.5 MP1 on Windows

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Running the 6.1 to 6.5 MP1 SQL Database Upgrade Script

  1. Backup the portal database.
  2. Run the SQL script that is appropriate for your database. The following table lists the scripts and their locations:
    Database Location Script
    Microsoft SQL Server install_dir\ptportal\6.5\sql\mssql upgrade6.1to6.5_mssql.sql
    Oracle 9i, Unix install_dir/ptportal/6.5/sql/oracle_unix9.2 upgrade6.1to6.5_oracle.sql
    Oracle 10g, Unix install_dir/ptportal/6.5/sql/oracle_unix10 upgrade6.1to6.5_oracle.sql
    Oracle 9i, Windows install_dir\ptportal\6.5\sql\oracle_unix9.2 upgrade6.1to6.5_oracle.sql
    Oracle 10g, Windows install_dir\ptportal\6.5\sql\oracle_nt10 upgrade6.1to6.5_oracle.sql

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