AquaLogic Interaction Upgrade Guide for 6.1 to 6.5 MP1 on Windows

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Upgrading from AquaLogic Interaction 6.1 to 6.5 MP1

This section provides an outline of the tasks required to upgrade your ALI 6.1 installation to ALI 6.5 MP1 on Windows platforms.

  1. If you have multiple search nodes in a search cluster, purge the contents of your search cluster. For details, see Purging the Search Cluster.
  2. Shut down your search node(s).

    From the Services control panel, stop the BEA ALI Search host_name service.

    Note: This needs to be done on each machine that hosts a search node.
  3. Upgrade your portal servers, activity servers, automation servers, and search server components using the AquaLogic Interaction 6.5 MP1 installer.

    For details, see AquaLogic 6.5 MP1 Installer Wizard Pages on Windows.

  4. Upgrade the AquaLogic Interaction database. For details, seeRunning the 6.1 to 6.5 MP1 SQL Database Upgrade Script
  5. Restart portal and start your search node(s). Do not start the automation servers.
  6. Rebuild your portal search index. For details, see Rebuilding the Search Index.
  7. Rebuild your Collaboration and Publisher indexes. To do this, access the administration utility for each product via your portal. For details, see the following administrator guides:
    • Administrator Guide for AquaLogic Interaction Collaboration
    • Administrator Guide for AquaLogic Interaction Publisher
  8. Rebuild your Pathways index.
    1. Log in to the portal as the administrator.
    2. Click Administration.
    3. From the Select Utility drop-down menu, select Pathways Administration.
    4. Click Start under Tag Rebuild on the General page.
  9. Start your automation servers.
  10. Import the Search Cluster Manager migration package.

    For details, see Importing the Search Cluster Manager Migration Package

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