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Welcome to AquaLogic Analytics

How to Use This Book


Typographical Conventions

BEA Documentation and Resources

Overview of Analytics

Components of Analytics

Overview of Analytics Components

Overview of AquaLogic Interaction Components

Working with Analytics Reports

Overview of Analytics Reports

Accessing Analytics Reports

Managing Security for Analytics Reports

Creating Analytics Portlets

Working with Analytics - Advanced Tips and Techniques

Tips and Techniques - Using Analytics Reports

Tips and Techniques - Maximizing Portal Usage Tracking

Using Analytics Administration

Accessing Analytics Administration

Using Analytics Administration

Configuring Runtime Settings

Configuring Security Settings

Super Users Roles


Creating Global Filters to Restrict Event Reporting

Configuring Partition Settings

Working with the Scrolling View Window

Previewing Partitions

Registering Events

Overview of Event Registration

Overview of Events, Event Parameters, and Dimensions

Creating Custom Dimensions

Creating Events

Event Names

Table Names

Parameter Names

Delivered Parameters

Saving Event Data

Stopping Event Data Storage

Limiting Access to Analytics Administration

Managing the Analytics Database

Sizing the Analytics Database

Overview of Analytics Database Growth

Fact Table Growth

Dimension Table Growth

Restricting Portlet View Data

Tuning the Analytics Database - Oracle

Working with Delivered Fact Tables

Archiving and Restoring Partitions

Synchronizing Analytics

Overview of Analytics Synchronization

Synchronized Dimension Data and Associated Jobs

Performing Force Synchronizations

Performing a Force Synchronization of All Dimension Data

Performing a Force Synchronization of a Single Object’s Dimension Data

Strategizing Synchronization Scheduling


Overview of Logs

Troubleshooting Common Runtime Problems