AquaLogic .NET Portlet Toolkit WSRP Development Guide

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Logging .NET Application Accelerator Activity

To view logs of .NET Application Accelerator activity, use ALI Logging Spy.

ALI Logging Spy is automatically installed with ALI or installed on a remote server as part of the ALI Logging Utilities, a stand-alone package available for download on bea.dev2dev. ALI Logging Spy listens for log messages transmitted using network broadcast. By configuring a list of message senders, you can listen in on log traffic from multiple BEA applications in a single console.
The .NET Application Accelerator includes four logging message senders:
Logging Message Sender Description
.NET WSRP Producer The stand-alone web application designed to serve as a WSRP producer for WLP. This name is not configurable and transmits all messages related to the WSRP Producer. The WSRP producer "loggingName" entry in Web.config is not currently used.
ALIPortletProject Transmits log messages from the portlet ASP.NET web application. The name of this message sender is defined in the Web.config file of any ASP.NET portlet project built using the .NET Portlet Toolkit. The name of the sender defaults to the project name entered when the project was created, but can be changed by modifying the value attribute of the following entry:
<add key="ptedk.LoggingApplicationName" value="ALIPortletProject"/>
BEA Portlet API Transmits log messages from the .NET Portlet API.
ALI .NET Application Accelerator Reserved for future use. No logging traffic is sent by this sender.

To add a .NET Application Accelerator message sender to your Spy configuration, follow the instructions below.

  1. Open ALI Logging Spy.
  2. Select View > Set Filters.
  3. In the Filter Settings dialog, click Edit > Add Message Sender and choose a message sender (see the table above).
For more information on configuring ALI Logging Spy, see ALI Logging Utilities in the ALI 6.0 development documentation.

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