AquaLogic .NET Portlet Toolkit WSRP Development Guide

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Accessing WSRP Consumer Registration Information Using the .NET Portlet Toolkit

To identify a specific WSRP Consumer and access registration information, use the RegistrationInfo class in the .NET Portlet API.

By requiring registration, a WSRP Producer can request additional information about a WSRP Consumer which can be used to tailor the available portlets and resources. WSRP Consumer registration information is available to WSRP portlets through the RegistrationInfo class in the .NET Portlet API.
  1. Configure the wsrp-producer.xml file to require registration, and define any registration properties. (The ConsumerAgent, ConsumerName and Handle are available by default.)
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <wsrp-producer xmlns=""
    	xmlns:xs="" >
    		<property name="ConsumerClass" type="xs:string">
    			<label lang="en">Consumer Class</label>
    			<hint lang="en" >the type of consumer</hint>
  2. Access the registration information using the RegistrationInfo class in the .NET Portlet API. You can also use RegistrationPropertyAttribute to bind a registration property to a page member variable (field).as shown in the example below. The RegistrationPropertyAttribute preference attribute has two optional properties:
    • Key: A string that provides the key name of the property to which the member variable is bound. This value must match the value of the name attribute for the registration property defined in the wsrp-producer.xml configuration file. If this value is not defined, the key defaults to the name of the member variable on which it is defined. If the key value does not match a registration property defined in the wsrp-producer.xml file, the member variable will use the default value. Key values must be unique within a page.
    • DefaultValue: A string that provides the value to use when the preference is unavailable or has not yet been set. If this value is not provided, it will default to a value based upon the type of the variable as follows:
      Property Type Default value if not assigned
      string String.Empty
      int, long 0
      double, float 0.0
      bool false
      DateTime DateTime.MinValue
    public partial class RegistrationPage : System.Web.UI.Page
        protected RegistrationInfo registration = WSRPPortletContext.Current.ConsumerRegistration;
        [RegistrationProperty(Key = "doubleProperty", DefaultValue = 32)]
        protected double doubleProp;
        protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            registrationTable.Rows.Add(getPrefRow("ConsumerAgent", registration.ConsumerAgent));
            registrationTable.Rows.Add(getPrefRow("ConsumerName", registration.ConsumerName));
            registrationTable.Rows.Add(getPrefRow("Handle", registration.Handle));
            foreach (KeyValuePair<string, string> kvp in registration.Properties)
                registrationTable.Rows.Add(getPrefRow("regprop:" + kvp.Key, kvp.Value));
            registrationTable.Rows.Add(getPrefRow("RegistrationProperty:doubleProperty", doubleProp.ToString())); 

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