AquaLogic .NET Portlet Toolkit WSRP Development Guide

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Consuming a .NET WSRP Portlet in WebLogic Portal

To consume remote portlet resources in WebLogic Portal (WLP), you must create a Remote Portlet using either the IDE tools (described here) or WLP online administration tools. Once created, Remote Portlets (.portlet files) can be added to a WebLogic Portal portal description (.portal file).

To create the Remote Portlet using the WebLogic Portal IDE tools, follow the steps below. For detailed instructions on using these tools, see the WLP documentation.
Note: In order to produce portlets, the WSRP Producer must be installed and correctly configured within the local IIS instance. You must know the address of the WSRP Producer's WSRPService.wsdl file. The URL will vary depending on how IIS is configured, but it should be similar to the following: http://{wsrpproducer hostname:port}/wsrpproducer1.1/1.0/WSRPService.wsdl. To ensure that the WSRP Producer is running, paste this URL into the address bar of a web browser.

For detailed instructions on creating a WSRP portlet in WebLogic Portal, see Creating Remote Portlets, Pages and Books in the WLP documentation.

WebLogic Portal supports WSRP Preferences, but in order to use preferences, the .portal file describing a portal desktop in WebLogic Portal must be converted from "file" mode to "streaming" mode. For details, see Creating a Desktop in the WebLogic Portal documentation. Also, in order to modify preferences, a user must be logged into WebLogic Portal. See the WebLogic Portal documentation for additional information on configuring login.

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