AquaLogic .NET Portlet Toolkit WSRP Development Guide

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Managing SSO Authentication with WebLogic Portal

To manage single-sign on (SSO) authentication with WebLogic Portal (WLP), configure both WLP and the .NET Application Accelerator to use either SAML or UNT authentication.

WebLogic Portal (WLP) and the WSRP Producer can be configured to work together to automatically authenticate to the remote ASP.NET portlet using credentials determined from the currently logged in user. Because the user only needs to login once, this is often referred to as “Single Sign On” (SSO). Without this feature, each portlet that wishes to authenticate users must manage its own authentication using forms-based mechanisms. This can lead to multiple logins during an end-user interaction with WLP. Using this functionality, portlets can use Windows (IIS), ASP.NET Forms, or SAML authentication, all without requiring the user to complete a separate authentication for the portlet. Once the user logs in to WLP they will be able to access secure remote ASP.NET portlets for which they are authorized.

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