AquaLogic .NET Portlet Toolkit WSRP Development Guide

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Configuring WSRP Producer Service URLs (WSRPService.wsdl)

To update global WSRP Producer configuration settings after installation, update the WSRPService.wsdl file. Additional configuration of the WSRP Producer web site can be made via IIS administrative tools.

During installation, the WSRP Producer web site is deployed to IIS based on the configuration settings provided to the installer. This configuration information is used to parameterize the WSRP Producer's WSDL file, which describes the locations of various WSRP web services. After installation has completed, any changes to the IP address, port number, or web site deployment path must be made to the WSRPService.wsdl file (located under \wsrpproducer\1.1\webapp\wsrpproducer\1.0\) If these settings are incorrect, the WSRP Producer will not be able to locate WSRP web services.
To update configuration settings, edit WSRPService.wsdl in a text editor and change the necessary entries. For example, to update the location of the WSRP Producer, change the following entry:
<soap:address location=""/>
To configure portlets in the WSRP Producer, use the wsrp-producer.xml configuration file. For details, see WSRP Producer Configuration Elements (wsrp-producer.xml).

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