AquaLogic .NET Portlet Toolkit WSRP Development Guide

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Registering a Portlet with the WSRP Producer

To deploy a portlet in the WSRP Producer, you must enter the URLs of the portlet content and additional metadata.

All the portlets available from the WSRP Producer must be registered in the wsrp-producer.xml file at the root of the WSRP Producer's web site. To add a portlet, edit the wsrp-producer.xml file in a text editor and add a <portlet> entry for each portlet within the <portlets> element. Once this step is complete, the portlet can be consumed by a WSRP Consumer. For a full list of elements in the wsrp-producer.xml file, see WSRP Producer Configuration Elements (wsrp-producer.xml).
To upgrade an existing WSRP Producer configuration file (previously called portlets.xml), see Upgrading Existing WSRP Producer Implementations in the Installation Guide for the .NET Application Accelerator.

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