Administrator Guide

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Welcome to AquaLogic Pages

How to Use This Book



Typographical Conventions

BEA Documentation and Resources

Getting Started with AquaLogic Pages

Overview of AquaLogic Pages

Pages Objects

Accessing Pages Content

The Dashboard

The Organizer

Page View

Page Components



Associated Objects


Use Case

Integrating AquaLogic Pages with the Portal

The Pages Launcher Portlet

LiveSpaces and DataSpaces Menus in Portal Navigation

Troubleshooting LiveSpaces and DataSpaces Menus

Verifying Navigation Settings

Typical Errors

Page Component Portlets

Navigation in Pages

LiveSpaces and Pages


LiveSpace Security

Creating a LiveSpace

Viewing a LiveSpace

Editing a LiveSpace

Deleting a LiveSpace


Creating a Page

Viewing a Page

Editing a Page

Saving a Page

Deleting a Page

Page Versions

What is Saved with a Version

Viewing a Previous Version

Reverting to a Version

Deleting a Version


Adding a Page Component to a Page

Component Placement

Editing a Page Component

Deleting a Page Component

Image Components

Record List Components

Rich Text


Table Modes

DataSpaces and Records


DataSpace Security

Custom DataSpaces

Blog DataSpaces

RSS DataSpaces

Web Service DataSpaces

Creating a Web Service DataSpace Template

Creating a DataSpace

Viewing a DataSpace

Editing a DataSpace

Deleting a DataSpace


Creating a Record

Viewing Record Details

Searching for Records

Sorting Records in a Table

Adding Components, Comments, or Documents to a Record

Editing Record Data

Deleting a Record

Securing AquaLogic Pages

Pages Portal Groups

Pages Roles


Attaching a Document to a Page

Viewing a Document

Deleting a Document

Uploading a New Version of a Document

Viewing a Previous Version of a Document

Reverting to a Previous Version of a Document

Deleting a Version of a Document

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