Contents for Configuring Security for WebLogic SIP Server

Overview of WebLogic SIP Server Security Features

Authentication for SIP Servlets

Authentication Providers

Overriding Authentication with Trusted Hosts

P-Asserted-Identity Support

Role Assignment for SIP Servlet Declarative Security

Security Event Auditing

Common Security Configuration Tasks

Configuring Digest Authentication

Overview of Digest Authentication

What Is Digest Authentication?

Digest Authentication Support in WebLogic SIP Server

Prerequisites for Configuring LDAP Digest Authentication

Steps for Configuring Digest Authentication

Configure the LDAP Server or RDBMS

Using Unencrypted Passwords

Using Precalculated Hash Values

Using Reverse-Encrypted Passwords

Reconfigure the DefaultAuthenticator Provider

Configure an Authenticator Provider

Configure a New Digest Identity Asserter Provider

Configure an LDAP Digest Identity Asserter Provider

Configure an RDBMS Digest Identity Asserter Provider

Sample Digest Authentication Configuration Using Embedded LDAP

Store User Password Information in the Description Field

Set the Embedded LDAP Password

Configure the Digest Identity Asserter Provider

Configuring Client-Cert Authentication

Overview of Client-Cert Authentication

Configuring SSL and X509 for WebLogic SIP Server

Configuring the Default Identity Asserter

Configuring the LDAP X509 Identity Asserter

Configuring WebLogic SIP Server to Use WL-Proxy-Client-Cert

Supporting Perimeter Authentication with a Custom IA Provider

Configuring P-Asserted-Identity Assertion

Understanding Trusted Host Forwarding with P-Asserted-Identity

Overview of Strict and Non-Strict P-Asserted-Identity Asserter Providers

Configuring a P-Asserted-Identity Assertion Provider

Configuring 3GPP HTTP Authentication Providers


Configuring a X-3GPP-Asserted-Identity Provider