Technical Product Description

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Supported Platforms

The following sections provide important information about BEA support for WebLogic SIP Server 3.1:


Supported Configurations

WebLogic SIP Server is supported on the following hardware and operating system combinations:

*Production deployment is supported only for Linux and UNIX platforms. Windows platforms are supported only for development purposes.

**SCTP is not supported on these platforms.

To view additional support information about a particular configuration, select the links above. WebLogic SIP Server has similar requirements to the WebLogic Server 9.2 component of the WebLogic Platform. The following items are required in addition to the basic WebLogic Server requirements:


Supported Databases

WebLogic SIP Server has been tested to run with the following databases for storing long-lived session data and for replicating call state information across regional sites (geographic persistence):


Verified Load Balancers

WebLogic SIP Server has been verified to run with the following load balancer products:

See for information about support for other load balancer solutions.


Verified SIP Clients

BEA has verified that the WebLogic SIP Server and the included sample applications work with the following SIP softphones:

The documentation provides instructions for using the free X-Lite softphone.

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