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Interoperability and Coexistence

Interoperability Defined

Intradomain Interoperability

Interdomain Interoperability

Client-Server Interoperability

Interoperability with Third-Party ORBs

Product Upgrades

Upward Application Compatibility

Interoperability with BEA WebLogic Server

Interoperability Software Components

Jolt Server Listener

Jolt Server Handler

BEA Jolt for WebLogic Server

IIOP Listener

IIOP Handler

TDomain Gateway

WebLogic Tuxedo Connector

Interoperability Programming Interfaces

ATMI Interface

JATMI Interface

Jolt Interface

RMI Interface

RMI-over-IIOP Interface

JSL/JSH-Jolt Unidirectional Connectivity

Jolt Connection Pooling

Jolt Wire-Level Security

Jolt Transaction and Security Context Propagation

Jolt Documentation

TDomain-WTC Bidirectional Connectivity

BEA Tuxedo to BEA WebLogic Server Connectivity

BEA WebLogic Server to BEA Tuxedo Connectivity

TDomain-WTC Wire-Level Security

TDomain-WTC Transaction and Security Context Propagation

TDomain and WTC Documentation

RMI-over-IIOP Client Direct Connectivity to an EJB

Summary of Interoperability Capabilities

Interoperability Sample Applications

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