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Interface JUCtrlValueHandler

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JUButtonBinding, JUButtonGroupBinding, JUComboBoxBinding, JUComboBoxCtrlBinding, JUComboBoxLovEditBinding, JUCtrlAdaptRangeBinding, JUCtrlAttrsBinding, JUCtrlBoolBinding, JUCtrlHierBinding, JUCtrlHierNodeBinding, JUCtrlListBinding, JUCtrlParameterBinding, JUCtrlRangeBinding, JUCtrlValueBinding, JUDefaultControlBinding, JUFormattedTextFieldBinding, JULabelBinding, JUListSingleSelBinding, JULovButtonBinding, JUProgressBarAttrBinding, JUScrollBarAttrBinding, JUSliderAttrBinding, JUSpinnerBinding, JUTableBinding, JUTextFieldBinding, JUTreeBinding, JUTreeNodeBinding, JUTreeTableBinding

public interface JUCtrlValueHandler
extends JUCtrlInputValueHandler

A JUCtrlValueHandler interface defines method specific for returning inputValue from custom inputHandler. It is used for support cases such as intermedia in BC4J/FACEs scenario. For example, the "source" of Faces component <objectMedia> is not directly from the corresponding model object, it is a caculated result. So we use a custom ValueHandler to handle the return of correct source for <objectMedia> . This class extends existed JUCtrlInputValueHandler so that it provides all display, update functionality for intermedia objects.


Method Summary
 java.lang.Object getInputValue(JUCtrlValueBinding binding, int index)
          Return a custom valueHandle for inputValue.
Methods inherited from interface oracle.jbo.uicli.binding.JUCtrlInputValueHandler
isNewInputValue, setInputValue

Method Detail


java.lang.Object getInputValue(JUCtrlValueBinding binding,
                               int index)
Return a custom valueHandle for inputValue.

binding - Control binding associated with the attribute.
index - Index of the attribute in this control binding
InputValue for the given control binding.

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