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Domain: Security: Unlock User

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If a user unsuccessfully attempts to log into a WebLogic Server server more than the configured number of retry attempts, then they are locked out of further access.

This page allows you to unlock a locked user so that they can log in again.

WebLogic Server provides a set of attributes to protect user accounts from intruders. By default, these attributes are set for maximum protection. As a system administrator, you have the option of turning off all the attributes, increasing the number of login attempts before a user account is locked, increasing the time period in which invalid login attempts are made before locking the user account, and changing the amount of time a user account is locked. Remember that changing the attributes on this page lessens security and leaves user accounts vulnerable to security attacks.

If a user lockout security event occurs on one node of a cluster, the other nodes in the cluster are notified of the event and the user account is locked on all nodes in the cluster. This features prevents a hacker from systematically breaking into all the nodes in a cluster.

Note: The User Lockout attributes apply to the security realm and all its security providers. If you are using an Authentication provider that has its own mechanism for protecting user accounts, disable the Lockout Enabled attribute.

If a user account becomes locked and you delete the user account and add another user account with the same name and password, the UserLockout attribute will not be reset.

Configuration Options

Name Description
Unlock User

Name of a specific user to unlock.

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