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XML Entity Cache: Configuration

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Use this page to configure an existing XML entity cache, such as increase the cache memory size, increase the number of external entities that can be cached in a given moment, and so on.

Configuration Options

Name Description

The name of this XML Entity Cache.

MBean Attribute:

Changes take effect after you redeploy the module or restart the server.

Cache Location

Provides the path name for the persistent cache files.

MBean Attribute:

Cache Memory Size

The memory size, in KB, of the cache. The default value is 500 KB.

Return the memory size in KBytes of the cache.

MBean Attribute:

Minimum value: 0

Cache Disk Size

The disk size, in MB, of the persistent disk cache. The default value is 5 MB.

Return the disk size in MBytes of the cache.

MBean Attribute:

Minimum value: 0

Cache Timeout Interval

The default timeout interval, in seconds, for the cache. The default value is 120 seconds.

Return the default timeout interval in seconds for the cache.

MBean Attribute:

Minimum value: 0

Maximum Size

Provides the maximum number of entries that can be stored in the cache at any given time.

MBean Attribute:

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