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Persistence Unit: Advanced Configuration

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This page shows the advanced attributes of a persistence unit.

This page also allows you to create and configure DB Dictionaries and Query Caches.

DB Dictionaries

The following considerations apply to DB Dictionaries:

Only one DB Dictionary can be defined per module.

Query Caches

The following considerations apply to Query Caches:

You can define multiple Query Caches per module.

Configuration Options

Name Description
Transaction Isolation

The name ofthe JDBC transaction isolation level to use. "default" indicates to use the JDBC driver's default level.

Connection Retain Mode

Controls when connections are pulled from the connection pool.

Lock Timeout

The number of milliseconds to wait for an object lock before throwing an exception, or -1 for no limit.

Schema Names

A list of schemas and/or tables you are using for persistent class tables.

DB Dictionaries

DB Dictionaries

Query Caches

This is a Kodo plugin. default subtype: DefaultQueryCacheBean

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