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Path Service: Targets

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Use this page to target the path service to a cluster member or to a migratable target. Migratable targets define a set of WebLogic Server instances in a cluster that can potentially host a pinned messaging service, such as a path service. A recommended best practice is to target the path service to a migratable target, so that a member server will not be a single point of failure. A path service can also be automatically migrated from an unhealthy server instance to a healthy server instance, with the help of the server health monitoring services.

When the path service is targeted to a migratable target, it cannot use the default store, so a store must be configured and targeted to the same migratable target. And, as a best practice, the Path Service and its store should be the only users of that migratable target.

Configuration Options

Name Description

Select the cluster member or migratable target server for your path service instance.

MBean Attribute:

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