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Store-and-Forward Agents: Monitoring: Remote Endpoints: SAF Message Detail

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Use this page to view the contents of a SAF message.

Configuration Options

Name Description

Specifies the identifier of this message.

The identifier uniquely identifies the message across all WebLogic Server instances.

Destination URL

Specifies the destination URL of this message.

Conversation Name

Specifies the name of this message's conversation.

The conversation name uniquely identifies the conversation across all WebLogic Server instances.

Sequence Number

Specifies the sequence number of this message in its conversation.

The sequence number uniquely identifies this message within this converation.


Specifies when this message was sent.

The timestamp is set to the time that this message was first seen by any WebLogic Server component (v.s. when the application sent the message).

Time to Live

Specifies the length of time, in milliseconds, that the SAF agent should try to deliver this message.

0 indicates that the SAF agent will never stop trying to deliver the message.

-1 indicates that the SAF agent's default time to live will be used.

If the message could not be delivered within this time, the sending agent will stop attempting to deliver this message and will send the message to the corresponding endpoint manager for failure handling. Regardless of this message's time to live setting, the SAF agent will also stop trying to deliver this message once the message's conversation times out.

Delivery Mode

Specifies whether this message is PERSISTENT or NON_PERSISTENT.

End of Conversation

Specifies whether this message is the last message in the conversation.

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