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JMS Topic: Monitoring: Durable Subscribers

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Use this page to monitor and manage durable subscribers that are running on a JMS topic. From this page, you can view detailed runtime statistics for each durable subscriber, as well as create new durable subscribers or delete existing ones.

Click on a subscriber to view its configuration details. To view a subscriber's messages, select the check box next to its name, and then click the Show Messages button.

Durable subscribers are persisted to a disk-based file store or a JDBC-accessible database until the message has been delivered to the subscribers or has expired, even if those subscribers are not active when the message is delivered. A durable subscriber registers a durable subscription with a unique identity that is retained by JMS. Subsequent subscriber objects with the same identity resume the subscription in the state it was left by the prior subscriber. If there is no active subscriber for a durable subscription, JMS retains the subscription's messages until they are received by the subscription or until they expire.


Name Description

Creates a new durable subscriber on the topic.


Deletes specific durable subscribers from the topic.

Show Messages

Displays all messages sent to selected durable subscribers.

Column Display

You can show fewer or additional data points on this page by expanding Customize this table and modifying the Column Display list. Each data point displays in its own table column.

The following table lists all of the data points that you can display in columns on this page.

Name Description
Subscription Name

The subscription name for this durable subscriber. This name must be unique per client ID.

Valid durable subscription names cannot include the following characters: comma ",", equals "=", colon ":", asterisk "*", percent "%", or question mark"?".

MBean Attribute:

Client ID

A unique client identifier for this durable subscriber.

Note: The client ID is not necessarily equivalent to the WebLogic Server username; that is, a name used to authenticate a user in the WebLogic security realm. You can, of course, set the client ID to the WebLogic Server username, if it is appropriate for your JMS application.

MBean Attribute:

No Local Messages

Specifies whether this durable subscriber recieves local messages it has published itself.

To prevent this, set the noLocal parameter to true.

MBean Attribute:


Indicates whether this subscription is being used by a durable subscriber.

MBean Attribute:


The message selector defined for this durable subscriber.

MBean Attribute:

Messages Pending Count

The number of messages pending (uncommitted and unacknowledged) by this durable subscriber.

MBean Attribute:

Messages Current Count

The number of messages still available by this durable subscriber.

MBean Attribute:

Bytes Pending Count

The number of bytes pending by this durable subscriber.

MBean Attribute:

Bytes Current Count

The number of bytes received by this durable subscriber.

MBean Attribute:

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