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SNMP Log Filters: Configuration

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Use this page to specify criteria that cause a WebLogic Server SNMP agent to generate an SNMP log notification trap.

The agent generates traps only for the log messages that match the criteria on this page.

Configuration Options

Name Description

The name of this log filter.

Each log filter within a domain must have a unique name.

The name displays in the Administration Console, and if you use WebLogic Server command-line utilities or APIs, you use this name to identify it.

After you have created a log filter, you cannot change its name. Instead, delete it and create a new one.

MBean Attribute:

Changes take effect after you redeploy the module or restart the server.

Severity Level

The minimum severity of a message that causes a WebLogic Server SNMP agent to generate a notification.

MBean Attribute:

Subsystem Names

A list of subsystems whose messages are selected by this log filter. If none are specified, messages from all subsystems are selected.

MBean Attribute:

User IDs

A list of user IDs that causes a WebLogic Server SNMP agent to generate a notification.

Every message includes the user ID from the security context in which the message was generated.

If the user ID field for a message matches one of the user IDs you specify in the filter, WebLogic Server generates a notification.

If this log filter doesn't specify user IDs, WebLogic Server can generate a notification for messages from all user IDs.

MBean Attribute:

Message IDs

A list of message IDs or ID ranges that cause a WebLogic Server SNMP agent to generate a notification.

If no IDs are specified, this filter selects all message IDs.

Example list: 20,50-100,300

MBean Attribute:

Message Substring

A string that is searched for in the message text. Only messages that contain the string are selected. If a string is not specified, all messages are selected.

MBean Attribute:

Enabled Servers

The list of target servers for trap generation. If no server is specified, no trap will be generated.

MBean Attribute:

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