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SNMP String Monitors: Servers

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This page lists all servers that have been configured in the domain.

If this monitor's SNMP agent is running on the Administration Server, use this page to select the servers that you want to monitor.

If this monitor's SNMP agent is running only on individual Managed Servers, you do not need to select a server from this list. An SNMP agent on a Managed Server monitors only its host Managed Server. It ignores this list of servers.

If you use an SNMP agent on the Administration Server, when you activate a monitor on a server, you deploy a JMX listener and filter to the server. The listener will forward a notification to the SNMP agent on the Administration Server only if an event matches the criteria in the monitor.

For example, if you create a string monitor that observes the State attribute of ServerA's ServerRuntime MBean, and if you target this monitor to ServerB, the monitor on ServerB will never generate a notification, because ServerB does not have access to the state of ServerA.

Configuration Options

Name Description

The list of target servers for trap generation. If no server is specified, no trap will be generated.

MBean Attribute:

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