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Enterprise Applications

An Enterprise application consists of one or more Web application modules, EJB modules, Web Services, and resource adapters. It might also include a client application. An Enterprise application is defined by an application.xml file, which is the standard J2EE deployment descriptor for Enterprise applications. If the application includes WebLogic Server-specific extensions, the application is further defined by a weblogic-application.xml file. Enterprise Applications that include a client module will also have a client-application.xml deployment descriptor and a WebLogic run-time client application deployment descriptor.

For both production and development purposes, Oracle recommends that you package and deploy even stand-alone Web applications, EJBs, Web Services, and resource adapters as part of an Enterprise application.

The following links provide information about the tasks you can perform for Enterprise Applications using the Administration Console:

For detailed information about creating Enterprise Applications, see Developing Applications for WebLogic Server.

For detailed information about deploying Enterprise Applications, see Deploying Applications to WebLogic Server.

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