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Start Data Retirement

Before you begin

You can configure parameters and policies for periodically retiring (deleting) old records from data archives, based on size of the file store and on the age of records in the archives. (See Configure Diagnostic Data Retirement.) If date retirement policies are defined for individual archives, you can also manually initiate data retirement, based on the attributes defined for those policies. Therefore, to initiate data retirement manually, you must first create one or more data retirement policies. See Create Diagnostic Data Retirement Policies.

To start data retirement, based on a data retirement policy:

  1. In the left pane, expand Diagnostics and select Archives.
  2. On the Summary of Diagnostic Archives page, click the name of the server from whose data store you want to delete old records.
  3. On the Setting for [Server Name] page, under Data Retirement Policies, select the check boxes next to the names of the policies you want to use for deleting data from the archives.
  4. Click Start Data Retirement.

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