5.6 Starting and Stopping the In-process Reports Server Using Oracle Reports Servlet

If you are using Reports Server as an in-process Reports Server (the default configuration), sending a run report request starts the in-process Reports Server. However, if you are sending a request through a command line, Oracle Reports Servlet (rwservlet) must be started first using either the run report URL or the Web command URL. When you have successfully started rwservlet, you have successfully started the in-process Reports Server.

You can also start an In-process Reports server through Enterprise Manager:

  1. Navigate to the Reports application page in Oracle Enterprise Manager

  2. From the Reports menu, select Monitoring > Start Reports Application.

    The Reports application is started.

  3. From the Reports menu, select Administration > Start In-process Reports Server.

    The In-process Reports server is started.

To directly start or stop the in-process Reports Server using a URL, enter the following in your Web browser: