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Part I Getting Started

1 Introduction

2 Understanding the Oracle Reports Services Architecture

3 Verifying Your Installation

4 Interoperability Scenarios and Considerations

5 Starting and Stopping Oracle Reports Services

Part II Administering Oracle Reports Services

6 Administering Oracle Reports Services Using Oracle Enterprise Manager

7 Configuring Oracle Reports Services

Part III Managing Runtime Behavior

8 Managing Fonts in Oracle Reports

9 Printing on UNIX with Oracle Reports

10 Using PDF in Oracle Reports

11 Font Model and Cross-Platform Deployment

12 Configuring Destinations for Oracle Reports Services

13 Configuring and Using the Pluggable Data sources

14 Securing Oracle Reports Services

15 Deploying Reports in Oracle Portal

16 Configuring and Administering OracleAS Single Sign-On

Part IV Sending Requests to the Server

17 Running Report Requests

18 Using the Oracle Reports Web Service

19 Creating Advanced Distributions

20 Using Event-Driven Publishing

21 Customizing Reports with XML

Part V Globalization Support and Bidirectional Support

22 Implementing Globalization and Bidirectional Support

Part VI Performance

23   Diagnosing and Tuning Oracle Reports

Part VII Appendixes

A Command Line Keywords

B Environment Variables

C Batch Registering Reports in Oracle Portal

D Troubleshooting Oracle Reports Services

E Reports Server and Bridge Diagnostic Utility