Edit Worksheet dialog: Table Layout tab

Use this tab to change the layout of the current worksheet. For example, to change which items are displayed, and their position on the worksheet.

This dialog is also displayed as:
Duplicate as Table dialog: Table Layout tab
Worksheet Wizard: Table Layout page

For more information, see:

"About designing workbooks for maximum performance".

Show page items

Use this check box to display page items on the worksheet.

Page Items area

This area shows which items are displayed in the Page Items area on the worksheet.

Hide duplicate rows

Use this check box to not display duplicate values. For example, if you have a group of rows for the same month January, January is displayed for the first item in the group only.

<Layout area>

This area shows how the items are arranged.

  • To change an item's position, click the item and drag and drop it to a new location. To help you position items, as you move an item round the worksheet a black line is displayed showing its new location.

  • To remove an item, click the item and press Delete.


  • If you remove an item from a worksheet (for example, by selecting an item and pressing the Delete key), you also remove items that are dependent on the item (for example, calculations, conditions). For example, if you remove an items called Sales SUM that is used in a calculation, the calculation is also removed.