Format Data dialog: Number tab

Use this tab to change the format of the currently selected numeric worksheet item. For example, to change default the currency symbol, number of decimal places, percent sign, and how negative numbers are displayed.

For more information, see:

"About Discoverer worksheet types"

Note: The fields displayed depend on the category of number displayed in the Categories list.


Use this list to select a predefined format for the currently selected numeric item.

Decimal Places

Use this list to specify the number of decimal places you want to display for the item.

Display symbol

Use this check box to display this currency symbol in front of values for the current item.

Use 1000 Separator

Use this check box to separate large numbers with a separator (for example, English speaking countries use a comma (,) at every 1000. For example, 1,900,120.

Negative Numbers

Use this list to select how to display negative numbers on the worksheet. For example, in red, or in brackets, or prefixed with a minus symbol (-).


Use this list (which is displayed when the Custom category is selected) to either choose from an existing custom type, or to create your own custom type. For example, you might want to create a type to display money as 99999990 rather than 999G990.

Hint: To create a custom type:

  1. Select a type from the Type list.

  2. Enter changes in the Edit Type field.

  3. Click Add to save changes.

Use the Example field to see how changes affect how the item is displayed.


  • For private connections, the Locale setting on the Create/Edit Connection: Connection details page determines the default currency symbol displayed. To change the currency symbol, change the Locale setting on the Create/Edit Connection: Connection details page (select the Update link next to the connection you want to edit). For public connections, contact the Discoverer manager to change the default language and currency symbol. For more information about specifying a currently symbol for worksheet items, see "How to set the currency symbol for numeric items".