Select Workbook from Database dialog

Use this dialog to choose a workbook to schedule. For example, you might have created a workbook called Sales Report you want to process weekly.

For more information, see:

"What are scheduled workbooks?"

"When to use scheduled workbooks"


Use this drop down list to select the type of workbooks you want to display in the Workbooks list. For example, you might choose My Workbooks to display only workbooks that you have created.

<View style button>

Use this drop down list to select a style for the Workbooks list. For example, you might choose the User Tree option to display workbooks grouped by database user. Or you might choose Workbook Tree to display workbooks in alphabetical order.

Name contains

Use this field to restrict the Workbooks list to those workbooks with names that contain the character(s) that you specify. For example, enter 'January' to display in the Workbooks list only those workbooks with names that contain January.


Use this button to clear any text in the Name contains field and display the names of all workbooks in the Workbooks list.


Use this list to select a workbook to schedule. To schedule a workbook, select the workbook and click Select or double-click on the workbook name.

Hint: Click on a column name to sort the Workbooks list on that column. Click on the arrow in a column name to reverse the sort order. You can also drag and drop columns to a different position in the Workbooks list.


This field displays additional information about the workbook, which was entered using the "Workbook Properties dialog". Use this information to help you decide which workbook you want to schedule. This area is blank if no description is available.

Hint: To add or edit the description, update the workbook properties (for more information, see "How to view and update a workbook's properties").


Use this button to schedule the workbook highlighted in the Workbooks list.