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Oracle Composer
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Make a Page Customizable

You can make a page customizable so that users can modify it at runtime, after your application has been deployed. You have complete flexibility as to the pages that are customizable and which parts of pages can be changed. This means that your end users can add and remove components, or otherwise modify the look and feel of a page without having to return to the design-time environment to do so.

Making a page customizable is as easy as dragging and dropping a few components onto a page during the development process. You can test how the page will work by running the page directly, and by adding or removing components from Oracle's Business Dictionary or Resource Catalog at runtime in your testing environment. To enable users to customize a page at runtime, create the page in Oracle JDeveloper as follows:

Oracle Composer gives you the flexibility to design the entire page after the application or portal has been deployed. To do so, simply create a blank page that only contains the customizable components listed above and users will be able to tailor the page to their specific use.