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Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher Report Designer's Guide
Part Number E12187-01
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Getting Started

Accessing Business Intelligence Publisher Enterprise

Logging in with credentials

  1. Navigate to the URL provided by your system administrator.

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  2. Select the language you prefer for the user interface.

  3. Enter your credentials to log in to BI Publisher.

  4. Select Accessibility Mode if you wish to render the Reports home page in an accessible tree structure.

  5. Select Sign In.

To view reports, see Viewing and Scheduling Reports.

To set user preferences, see Setting Preferences.

Logging in as Guest

If your site has enabled a Guest user option, a Guest button will display on the log in page.

A Guest user does not require credentials and has privileges only to view reports available in the Guest folder.

  1. Select the language you prefer for the user interface.

  2. Select Guest.

    To view reports, see Viewing and Scheduling Reports.

Setting Preferences

Use the Preferences page to set the following:

Access the Preferences page by selecting the Preferences link from any page within the BI Publisher Enterprise application.

Accessibility Mode

Setting this to "On" will display the report catalog in a tree structure that is accessible via keyboard strokes.

Set UI Language

The UI language is the language that your user interface displays in. The language that you selected at login will be selected as the default. Choose from the languages that are available for your installation.

Set Report Locale

A locale is a language and territory combination (for example, English (United States) or French (Canada)). BI Publisher uses the report locale selection to determine the following:

Note that a particular report must have an available template translation for the selected locale. If not, BI Publisher will apply a locale fallback logic to select the template. For more information, see Locale Selection Logic.

The appropriate number and date formatting will be applied independently of the template translation.

Set Report Timezone

Select the timezone to apply to your reports. Reports run by this user will display the time according to the timezone preference selected here. You can override this setting for a particular report from the Schedule Report page. Note that the time displayed on the user interface and reflected in report processing times is governed by the BI Publisher server timezone.

Enable SVG for HTML

You can choose to have graphics in your HTML reports displayed using scalable vector graphics (SVG) technology. Your browser may require a plug-in to enable SVG. If so, you will be prompted to download this plug-in the first time you attempt to view an HTML graphic with SVG enabled. If you do not wish to use the SVG plug-in, select No.

Report Viewer Height

This preference sets the height of the report display region in the View Report page. The default is 500 pixels. You can modify this value to best suit your report viewing device.

Set Your Password

To change your password, select the Account tab of the Preferences page. Enter your current password then your new password as prompted.