Class RuleParser

  extended bycom.wles.util.RuleParser

public class RuleParser
extends java.lang.Object

Supports parsing and generation of ALES rules.

Nested Class Summary
static class RuleParser.Action
          Base class representation for actions (roles, privileges) names.
static class RuleParser.ActionType
          Enumeration of different action types.
static class RuleParser.Constraint
          Class for representing a rule's constraint.
static class RuleParser.Effect
          Class represnetation for the effect portion of a rule.
static class RuleParser.ParsedRule
          Class representation of a parsed rule.
static class RuleParser.ParsingException
          Exception used to indicate parsing errors.
static class RuleParser.Privilege
          Class representation of a privilege action.
static class RuleParser.QualifiedElement
          Base class of parser for all named rule elements.
static class RuleParser.Resource
          Class for representing a resource.
static class RuleParser.RoleAction
          Class representation of a Role action.
static class RuleParser.ScopedSubject
          Base class for subjects which include a directory component.
static class RuleParser.Subject
          Base class representation of subjects (User, Group, Role).
static class RuleParser.SubjectGroup
          Class for representing a qualified subject group in a directory.
static class RuleParser.SubjectRole
          Class for representing a qualified role name to be used a subject.
static class RuleParser.User
          Class for representing a qualified user in a directory.
Method Summary
static RuleParser.ParsedRule parseRule(java.lang.String ruleText)
          Parses a text rule into a series of rule elements.
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Method Detail


public static RuleParser.ParsedRule parseRule(java.lang.String ruleText)
                                       throws RuleParser.ParsingException
Parses a text rule into a series of rule elements.


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