Oracle Entitlements Server for Java API Reference


This package includes interfaces, classes, and exceptions you use to develop ALES-secured Java applications.


Interface Summary
AppContext AppContext is an interface that allows an application developer to publish values from within the application to the security runtime.
GenericPolicy GenericPolicy represents a general policy rule.
PDPProxyClientConfiguration The PDPProxyClientConfiguration interface is a representation of the configuration of your PDPClient application.

Class Summary
AccessResult AccessResult is the object returned to the application after an authorization query.
AppConfig The AppConfig class is a representation of the configuration of your Java application.
AppContextElement The AppContextElement abstract base class is a simple interface for representing a name/value pair.
AttributeValueEnumeration This class represents an ordered list of NameAttributeValues.
AtzPolicy AtzPolicy represents the result each ATZ policy evaluated
AuditingService Provides the interface to all runtime auditing services
AuditRecord This class allows applications to log events to the audit provider.
AuthenticationService The authentication service provides functions to an application related to establishing, verifying, and transferring an identity.
AuthenticIdentity The AuthenticIdentity class represents an authenticated Identity.
AuthorizationService The authorization service is a service that allows an application to determine if a specific identity is permitted to access a specific resource.
ConstraintAttribute This Class represents the various types of attributes present in a policy constraint.
ContextAuditRecord This class allows applications to log events to the audit provider extracting name elements from the event's application context.
CredentialMappingService The Credential Mapping Service may be used to obtain an appropriate set of credentials that have been administratively configured to be used by the requester when attempting to access a specified resource with a specific action.
DataDrivenAuthority The DataDrivenAuthority class provides a way to programmatically create a new naming authority.
DebugInfo This class store all the evaluation results for a "isAccessAllowed_Debug() and getRoles_Debug()" query
ExtendedAccessResult ExtendedAccessResult is an extended AccessResult object.
HashMapContext The HashMapContext class is a simple implementation of an application context based on a java hashmap.
IdentityRole This class represents a role assigned to an identity.
NameAttributeType This class represents a field within a name as defined by a naming authority.
NameAttributeValue This class provides a way to encapsulate a name/value pair that is associated with a naming authority.
NamedObject The NamedObject class is used to represent an object that is associated with a NamingAuthority and conforms to that authority's structure.
NamingAuthority A Naming Authority has two functions.
NamingAuthorityManager The NameAuthorityManager class is a central registrar for all naming authorities that the security runtime recognizes.
PolicyDomain A policy domain is a collection of elements and security services over which a common and consistent set of policies are administered in a coordinated fashion.
PublicSecurityService This base class is used for all security service providers to indicate their type and revision.
ResourceAction ResourceAction is a wrapper class that integrates the separated Resource/Action into a compatible form for consumption by the SPI.
ResponseContextCollector The ResponseContextCollector abstract base class is a simple interface for collecting a set of response contexts.
RolePolicy RolePolicy represents each Role policy which was evaluated.
RoleService The RoleService can be used to obtain the appropriate set of roles assigned to an identity for a particular resource and action.
RuntimeAction The RuntimeAction class represents a verb or action associated with an access query.
RuntimeEntitlement The RuntimeEntitlement class represents a set of granted and denied actions on a resource.
RuntimeResource The RuntimeResource class represents a resource to the security runtime.
SecurityRuntime The SecurityRuntime class provides a way to query the runtime for its capabilities and to create instances of policy domains for use in an application, as well as fetch several other application level resources.
ServiceType This class represents a service type.
ServiceVersion This class identifies the version of a security service by major number, minor number, and patch level.
SimpleContextElement An extention of a context element for an application context.
SimpleResponseContextCollector The SimpleResponseContextCollector is a simple implementation of the ResponseContextCollector abstract base class.
UserInfo UserInfo is contains information about "user" making an authorization request This class is used by DebugInfo.

Exception Summary
IdentityNotAuthenticException This exception is thrown when an Identity fails to authenticate or if an Identity is not authentic (or valid) when it is required to be within the security runtime.
InvalidAssertionTokenException This exception is thrown when an assertion token is not formatted properly or a token type is inapproriate for the conditions of the security runtime.
MissingAttributeException This exception is thrown when certain attributes, required by runtime, are missing to make decision.
ParameterException This exception is thrown when a method is called with invalid parameters.
ServiceNotAvailableException This exception is thrown when a security service is requested or attempted to be used when it is not available within the security runtime.

Package Description

This package includes interfaces, classes, and exceptions you use to develop ALES-secured Java applications.

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