Diagnostics Guide

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About Profiling and Performance Tuning

Tuning the Oracle JRockit JVM to achieve optimal application performance is about the most critical aspect using this product. A poorly-tuned JVM can result in slow transactions, long latencies, system freezes, and even system crashes. This documen explores the many tuning techniques and options you can employ to see that your implementation of this JVM performs to maximum capabilities.


How to Tune: An Overview

Ideally, tuning should occur as part of the system startup, by employing various combinations of the start-up options described in the Oracle JRockit JVM Command-Line Reference. The Oracle JRockit JDK provides the necessary tools for monitoring your application during runtime. Properly tuned, according to the recommendations in this section, the JVM should run smoothly and provide timely results. Should runtime monitoring indicate problems along the way, you can use the recommendations in this section to guide you toward a better-tuned JVM.


What this Section Contains

This section includes information on the following subjects:

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