Type 4 JDBC Drivers

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Introduction and Roadmap

Document Scope and Audience

Oracle CEP Documentation Set

Guide to This Document

Samples for the Oracle CEP Application Developer

Using The Type 4 JDBC Drivers

JDBC Specification Compliance


Supported Databases

Connecting Through JDBC Data Sources

Specifying Connection Properties

Limiting Connection Creation Time with LoginTimeout

Using IP Addresses

Using Security


Kerberos Authentication Requirements

NTLM Authentication Requirements

Data Encryption Across the Network

SSL Encryption

SSL Server Authentication

Required Permissions for the Java Security Manager

Permissions for Establishing Connections

Granting Access to Java Properties

Granting Access to Temporary Files

Permissions for Kerberos Authentication

Microsoft SQL Server

Unicode Support

Error Handling

Driver Errors

Database Errors

The MS SQL Server Type 4 JDBC Driver

SQL Server Database Version Support

Driver Class

Microsoft SQL Server URL

Connecting to Named Instances

SQL Server Connection Properties

Performance Considerations










Data Types

Returning and Inserting/Updating XML Data

Returning XML Data

Character Data

Binary Data

Inserting/Updating XML Data

Character Data

Binary Data


Using the AuthenticationMethod Property

Configuring SQL Server Authentication

Configuring Kerberos Authentication

Product Requirements

Configuring the Driver

To configure the driver:

Specifying User Credentials for Kerberos Authentication (Delegation of Credentials)

Obtaining a Kerberos Ticket Granting Ticket

Configuring NTLM Authentication

Product Requirements

Configuring the Driver

Data Encryption

Using SSL with Microsoft SQL Server

Configuring SSL Encryption

DML with Results (Microsoft SQL Server 2005)

SQL Escape Sequences

Isolation Levels

Using the Snapshot Isolation Level (Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Only)

Using Scrollable Cursors

Server-Side Updatable Cursors

Installing Stored Procedures for JTA

Distributed Transaction Cleanup

Transaction Timeout

Explicit Transaction Cleanup

Large Object (LOB) Support

Batch Inserts and Updates

Parameter Metadata Support

Insert and Update Statements

Select Statements

Stored Procedures

ResultSet MetaData Support

Rowset Support

Auto-Generated Keys Support

Null Values

Database Connection Property

JDBC Support

JDBC Compatibility

Supported Functionality

Array Object

Blob Object

CallableStatement Object

Clob Object

Connection Object

DatabaseMetaData Object

Driver Object

ParameterMetaData Object

PreparedStatement Object

Ref Object

ResultSet Object

ResultSetMetaData Object

SavePoint Object

Statement Object

Struct Object


SQL Server Driver

SQL Escape Sequences for JDBC

Date, Time, and Timestamp Escape Sequences

Scalar Functions

Outer Join Escape Sequences

LIKE Escape Character Sequence for Wildcards

Procedure Call Escape Sequences

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