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Oracle® WebCenter Collaboration Installation and Upgrade Guide, Volume 1
10g Release 3 (10.3) for Adobe FrameMaker 7.2 or higher, on Windows
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2 Installation Prerequisites

Complete the following basic steps to prepare your network and host computers for deployment:

  1. Download the most up-to-date documentation from . Read the release notes for additional information on compatibility issues, known problems, and workarounds that might affect how you proceed with your deployment.

  2. Organize the information you need for the installation process by completing the Configuration Worksheets for Oracle WebCenter Collaboration 10.3.

  3. Provision host computers for your deployment and install prerequisite software. For details, see Section 2.1, "Hardware and Software Requirements".

2.1 Hardware and Software Requirements

The following table lists the software requirements for Oracle WebCenter Collaboration. For more information on recommended configurations based on the size of your implementation, see the section about provisioning computers in the Oracle WebCenter Interaction Deployment Planning Guide.


IPv6 is not supported. You should verify that IPv6 is not enabled prior to installing this product.

Table 2-1 Hardware and Software Requirements

Component Requirement

Oracle WebCenter Collaboration Host Computer

  • AIX 5.3 Technology Level 5300-05, on POWER3, POWER4, POWER5

  • HP-UX 11i v2 or v3, on Itanium, 64–bit

  • Microsoft Windows 2003 SP2, on x86 (32-bit only)

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 4, Update 3, on x86 or ES 5.2, on x86

  • Solaris 9 and 10, on SPARC, 64–bit

  • SuSE Enterprise Linux SLES 9 or 10, on x86

  • Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.2

Database Server Host Computer

  • (Windows only) Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP2

  • IBM DB/2, version 9.5

  • Oracle 9i (v.; 10G (v., 10G R2 (v.10.2.0.x),Oracle 11g R2 (^). Oracle 10.x versions can be in default or Oracle RAC configuration

Note: If you are upgrading Oracle from 10.1.x to 10.2.x or SQL Server from 2000 to 2005, you should perform this upgrade before upgrading Oracle WebCenter Collaboration.

Servlet Engine

  • BEA Embedded Servlet Engine 4.0

  • Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3 with BEA JRockit 5.0 (R26.4.0 + CR302700) JDK (32-bit) and all later 5.0 releases of JRockit


Oracle WebCenter Interaction 10.3


  • Firefox 2.0 and above

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x, 7.0

  • Safari 3.0

Groupware Servers

  • Lotus Notes 5.0.11

  • Microsoft Exchange 2000 (SP3 and higher)

  • Microsoft Exchange 2003

Microsoft Project

  • Microsoft Project 2003, 2007

Microsoft Office (for Collaboration Office Tools Add-In and WebDAV functionality)

  • Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 on Microsoft Windows XP SP2+

  • Microsoft Office 2003 on Microsoft Vista

Required Software for Microsoft Exchange Integration

  • Microsoft.NET 2.0

  • Microsoft Web Services Enhancement 2.0