Navigation Tags
Tag ddmenusimpletabs

Data tag for ddmenurowcontainertag to display a list of simple tabs for the set of provided data.

A simple tab is a menu button that looks the same as dropdown menu tabs but instead of opening a dropdown menu on mouse-click, navigates to an URL specified by PTURL DO data.

This tag is also a type of data tag in itself, even though it consumes other data tags. The data set by this tag is very specialized, unlike the Data tags (ptdata) which are general, and it is only meant to be used with the ddmenurowcontainer display tag or a tag that is functionally very similar to it.

As a data tag, this tag does not do display anything; it must be used in conjunction with a display tag.

Tag Information
Tag Nameddmenusimpletabs

NameTypeRequiredDefault ValueDescription
datavarstringtruenullThe ID of the PTURL data tag or a collection of PTURL data tags to list as simple tabs.
containervarstringtruenullID to associate this tab with a container. The value of the ID should be the value of the menuvar attribute defined in the container tag.
scopestringfalseportlet requestThe scope used to get the data, portlet request by default. See the description of this tag library for a list of available scopes.

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