Oracle WebCenter Interaction Web Service Development Guide

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About Remote Oracle WebCenter Collaboration APIs

The Oracle WebCenter Interaction Development Kit (IDK) remote Collaboration API (com.plumtree.remote.prc.collaboration) provides programmatic access to many of the objects stored within Oracle WebCenter Collaboration. Use this remote programming interface to embed collaborative components and functions into any web application delivered through the Oracle WebCenter Interaction framework.

The PRC Collaboration API can be used to access existing Oracle WebCenter Collaboration objects. Each object interface provides a GetDetailsURL method that returns the URL to the associated detail page in Oracle WebCenter Collaboration. To create a URL to a component, first obtain an instance of the associated object, then call the getDetailsURL method.

For details on remote PRC Collaboration APIs, see the following topics:
Each object interface allows you to determine a user's permissions for a specific Oracle WebCenter Collaboration object in two ways:
  • Get the access level for each role (getAccessLevel).
  • Determine whether a specific action is permitted (isActionAllowed).
For details, see Managing Oracle WebCenter Collaboration Project Roles Using Oracle WebCenter Interaction Development Kit (IDK) Remote APIs.

For more details on Oracle WebCenter Collaboration functionality, see the Administrator Guide for Oracle WebCenter Collaboration and the online help.

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