Oracle WebCenter Interaction Web Service Development Guide

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About Programmable Remote Client (PRC) Remote APIs

The Oracle WebCenter Interaction Development Kit (IDK) Programmable Remote Client (PRC) provides an object-oriented way to call into Oracle WebCenter Interaction SOAP APIs. The PRC can be used to write applications that access the Oracle WebCenter Interaction and search, and Oracle WebCenter Collaboration.

PRC APIs free you from serializing SOAP messages and minimize the amount of data that travels between the portal and the remote server, improving performance.

The PRC is included with both the Java and .NET versions of the Oracle WebCenter Interaction Development Kit (IDK). The Java version includes Apache AXIS 1.0; the .NET version uses the platform-native SOAP client stack. Java clients can call .NET portals and vice-versa; the PRC takes care of the communication between AXIS and .NET. Pagelets that use the PRC can be deployed in either Oracle WebCenter Interaction or Oracle WebCenter Ensemble.

The PRC provides access to functionality in a range of Oracle WebCenter products:

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