Oracle WebCenter Interaction Web Service Development Guide

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About Remote Oracle WebCenter Interaction APIs

The portal provides the framework for applications and integrates Oracle WebCenter Interaction components into a cohesive web work environment. Administration is the core of the portal, where all portal objects and operations are configured.

The Oracle WebCenter Interaction Development Kit (IDK) PRC's remote Oracle WebCenter Interaction APIs provide access to key administrative components, as explained in the following topics:
  • About Remote Object Management: Everything in the portal, except users and documents, is represented by a portal object stored in the portal database. This includes portlets, content crawlers, authentication sources, profile sources, remote servers, and content sources. The IObjectManager interface allows you to access portal objects from your remote services. You can look up information about a specific object, or query for objects using a range of methods, including location, class, and custom filters. You can also query and manipulate the security for portal objects.
  • About Remote Portlet Operations: There are many settings and options that apply only to portlets. In addition to manipulating portlet objects via IObjectManager, the PRC supports advanced portlet operations. Using the IPortlet* interfaces, you can create and edit portlets and portlet templates, and manage administrative and communityportlet preferences for a specific portlet instance.
  • About Remote Directory Operations: The portal Directory stores links to documents in a hierarchical structure of folders and subfolders. These documents can be external or internal web pages, Office documents, or essentially any file of interest. The IDocument* interfaces allow you to query for documents and document properties, create new documents, and edit the properties for existing documents.
  • About Remote User Operations: Portal users are organized into groups and sub-groups. This role-based hierarchy allows administrators to customize the portal display for specific audiences and assign object security for collections of users. The IUserManager and IUserGroupManager interfaces allow you to leverage the portal's user hierarchy. You can query for the current user's ID and group information, create new groups, and manage group membership.
  • About Remote Search Operations: Using the PRC search API, you can query document, folder, user and Community objects using a standard request-response model. The API allows you to add multiple constraints and filter searches by location or object type.
  • Starting Portal Jobs Using Oracle WebCenter Interaction Development Kit (IDK) Remote APIs: A job is a collection of related portal operations. Each operation is one task, such as a crawl for documents, an import of users, or one of the system maintenance tasks. To start an existing job from a remote application, use the IJobManager interface.

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