Oracle WebCenter Interaction Web Service Development Guide

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Oracle WebCenter Interaction Development Kit (IDK) PRC Remote API Development Tips

These development tips apply to any application that uses the Oracle WebCenter Interaction Development Kit (IDK) PRC remote APIs.

  • You must configure Oracle WebCenter Interaction or Oracle WebCenter Ensemble to send a login token to any pagelet that uses the PRC. In Oracle WebCenter Interaction, the login token option is on the Advanced Settings page of the Web Service editor. In Oracle WebCenter Ensemble, this option is on the CSP tab in Resource configuration.
  • Perform expensive processing outside the interface method, in a separate thread, or use back-end caching such that the interface method can respond in a timely fashion. For example, an Active Directory Authentication Source Identity Service might employ user signatures to minimize reads/writes from the AD database during remote calls like IProfileProvider.attachToUser. The Oracle WebCenter Interaction Development Kit (IDK) PRC manager interfaces generally make remote calls. PRC object interfaces are normally local accessors/mutators and do not make remote calls (with the exception of store methods). Avoid unnecessary, repeated use of manager interface methods and maximize your application’s use of PRC object methods. Avoid looping remote calls wherever possible. Maintaining local copies of PRC objects can improve your application’s performance but be aware that your local state may not match the server state if another application modifies server state after you receive your local copy. For example, a portlet using PRC Collaboration to display the current user’s personal Oracle WebCenter Collaboration project area corresponding to “Username-Project” ensures that IProjectManager.queryProjects is used once. The resulting IProject object can be cached by the portlet per user session rather than performing a query on every portlet refresh. The user’s project is never deleted, so the local caching is “safe.”

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