Open Foundation

com.plumtree.openfoundation.internationalization Cross-platform interface over the underlying platform implementation of localized string resources and locale (language + country). Cross-platform wrappers around the underlying platform file I/O classes.
com.plumtree.openfoundation.reflect Cross-platform interfaces allowing reflective construction of objects and invocation of methods. Offers facilities for symmetric and public-key encryption and construction of cryptographic keys, message authentication codes (HMAC-SHA1).
com.plumtree.openfoundation.util Wrappers providing uniform interface and behavior over a variety of essential Java and C#.NET platform library classes, including collections, exceptions, strings, and date/time instances.
com.plumtree.openfoundation.web Wraps the underlying classes related to HTTP servlet request and response objects, implementation depending on the underlying servlet engine as well as the language platform.
com.plumtree.openfoundation.xml.dom Cross-platform wrapper over the underlying classes implementing the W3C xml document object model.
com.plumtree.openfoundation.xml.xsl Java XSL transform wrapper - designed against System.Xml.Xsl.XslTransform in c# .Net 1.1 api.


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