Transforming Data Using XQuery Mapper

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Overview of XQuery Mapper

Support for XQuery 2002 and 2004

Restrictions Applicable to the XQuery Test View

Transforming Data Using XQuery Mapper

Launching XQuery Mapper

Creating the XQuery Mapper Sample Project

Creating an XQuery Mapper Project

Importing and Creating Schema Files

Importing XML Schemas and MFL Files

Creating XML Schemas

Creating XML Files from XML Schemas

Creating WSDL Files

Creating MFL Files

Selecting Source and Target Data Types

Creating Data Transformations

Creating Basic Element Transformations

Creating Basic Attribute Transformations

Creating Complex Transformations

Editing Data Transformations

Viewing and Editing XQuery Files

Creating Joins and Unions

Creating If-Then-Else Expressions

Creating For-Let-Where-Order By-Return (FLWOR) Expressions

Creating Typeswitch Expressions

Inserting XQuery Functions

Inserting Expression Variables

Viewing Schema Properties

Restricting Output of Optional Elements

Testing Data Transformations

Graphical Features in Design View

Right-Click Menu Options

Link Patterns

Link Colors

XML Global Elements, Global Types, Local Elements, and Attributes

Examples: Data Transformation Using XQuery Mapper

Combining Data from Different Schemas

Mapping Repeating Elements and Creating Joins

Step 1. Create an XQuery File

Step 2. Add a Constraint

Step 3. Add Data to Return Element

Step 4. Add Function to Calculate Value of Quote

Step 5. Add a Constraint with Multiple Conditions

Test the XQuery

Creating Unions

Creating Repeating-Source to Nonrepeating-Target Transformations

Creating Nonrepeating-Source to Repeating-Target Transformation

Creating Nested If-Then-Else Expressions

Step 1. Create the XQuery Transformation

Step 2. Create the First “If” Condition

Step 3. Create the First Nested If-Then-Else Condition

Step 4. Create the Second Nested If-Then-Else Condition

Creating FLWOR Expressions

Using Recursive Schemas

Grouping Data by Key Fields

Upgrading XQuery Code

Upgrading Inline XQuery Code

Upgrading XQuery Files

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