Interface PayPalExpressPaymentGateway

All Superinterfaces:
EpDomain, PaymentGateway,, Transient
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public interface PayPalExpressPaymentGateway
extends PaymentGateway

Provides services for integrating with PayPal Express Payment.

Method Summary
 java.lang.String setExpressCheckout(ShoppingCart shoppingCart, java.lang.String returnUrl, java.lang.String cancelUrl)
          Start the ExpressCheckout.
Methods inherited from interface com.elasticpath.domain.payment.PaymentGateway
capture, getName, getPaymentType, getProperties, getSupportedCurrencies, preAuthorize, refund, reversePreAuthorization, sale, setName, setProperties, setSupportedCurrencies, voidCaptureOrCredit
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getElasticPath, setElasticPath

Method Detail


java.lang.String setExpressCheckout(ShoppingCart shoppingCart,
                                    java.lang.String returnUrl,
                                    java.lang.String cancelUrl)
                                    throws EpSystemException
Start the ExpressCheckout. Redirect customer to paypal site to log in and selected fund source.

shoppingCart - the shopping cart
returnUrl - the url to return from paypal upon completion the payment action.
cancelUrl - the url to return to if the user decide to cancel the payment action.
the token string.
EpSystemException - if anything goes wrong.