Class AbstractSearchCriteriaImpl

  extended by com.elasticpath.domain.impl.AbstractEpDomainImpl
      extended by com.elasticpath.domain.impl.AbstractPersistenceImpl
          extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
EpDomain, Persistence, SearchCriteria, Transient,
Direct Known Subclasses:
CategorySearchCriteriaImpl, CustomerSearchCriteriaImpl, OrderSearchCriteriaImpl, ProductSearchCriteriaImpl

public class AbstractSearchCriteriaImpl
extends AbstractPersistenceImpl
implements SearchCriteria

An abstract implementation of SearchCriteria.

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Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 java.util.Locale getLocale()
          Returns the Locale.
 boolean isFuzzySearchDisabled()
          Returns whether or not a fuzzy search should be performed for this query.
 void setFuzzySearchDisabled(boolean fuzzySearchDisabled)
          Sets whether or not a fuzzy search should be performed for this query.
 void setLocale(java.util.Locale locale)
          Sets the Locale.
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Constructor Detail


public AbstractSearchCriteriaImpl()
Method Detail


public java.util.Locale getLocale()
Returns the Locale.

Specified by:
getLocale in interface SearchCriteria
the Locale


public boolean isFuzzySearchDisabled()
Returns whether or not a fuzzy search should be performed for this query.

Specified by:
isFuzzySearchDisabled in interface SearchCriteria
true if fuzzy search is disabled, false otherwise


public void setFuzzySearchDisabled(boolean fuzzySearchDisabled)
Sets whether or not a fuzzy search should be performed for this query.

Specified by:
setFuzzySearchDisabled in interface SearchCriteria
fuzzySearchDisabled - whether or not fuzzy search is disabled


public void setLocale(java.util.Locale locale)
Sets the Locale. Some contents are indexed in multiple locales. The Locale given here decides what contents get searched.

e.g. If you give en, only English contents get searched. You can give null to search on system default locale.

Specified by:
setLocale in interface SearchCriteria
locale - the Locale